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Nurse Hiss

"Kimdi Toys" with over 40 different characters are designed and manufactured for children. Inside Kimdi Toys, there are valuable gifts to be appealing to children and all toys are the exact character in Kimdi Animation.






You can Open the Kimdi Toys from the middle and see the surprise inside!


Kimdi is not the only nice and lovely packaging for our surprise! also is a cute and fantastic toys! ...





After You Open the Kimdi,

You can use the Kimdi as a "pen holder" or  "CD/ DVD" box! 


Also Kimdi cand send your MESSAGE to your friends or family!

All you have to do is: Firts remove the tool from Kimdi hand and then place the mesaage holder in it's place. Now wirtie your messag and put it in message holder.

Now the effects of your message will be hundred times more! ...