In 1998 Kian Baspar Company was established in Tehran and concentrated on purchasing automotive polymeric parts and related industries and now Kian Baspar company is one of the most successful and reliable brands it’s in own field. 

In 2001 the molding department of Kian Baspar was launched and it caused market development in other related industries.
According to the needs and wants of the toy market, creating a department in toy industries was felt and now 250 staff, expansive facilities and modern machineries are used by experienced specialist through domestic and international knowledge to create “Kimdi” brand for interested customers. Kimdi has been created for dream land of children and goal setting is according to high quality production, customer loyality, consumer satisfaction through developing market share.
Kimdi slogan is concentrated on “PEACE, FRIENDSHIP and CARING”. We believe on it as a vision for all children all over the world as next generation to create better future.


CEO Remarks

In terms of our organization Kimdi is not a doll! Is a brand with a set of products, with a message of peace and joy and we want to send peace message from Kimdi on behalf of Iranian children to all the children all over the world. We want that our children, who are the future of our country, make their world more beautiful, happier and free of violence and Kimdi is an excuse to instill this culture. And ultimately our colleagues in Kian Baspar company will give you their products with love and respect. (Kianoosh Sharifi, CEO)